Lickety Split

Lickety Split is an unforgettable nubuck product that perfectly marries the sensual look and feel of suede with the renowned durability of traditional leather. To achieve this perfect balance, the top layer of each hide is gently sanded down to expose a soft, napped texture without sacrificing the leather’s natural tensile strength. In addition to a soft, supple hand, Lickety Split also boasts a water-resistant finish, further expanding its versatility and potential applications.

With hides averaging over 50 square feet, this corrected top grain upholstery leather features nearly double the typical yield of its suede counterpart to enable larger cut sizes and greater efficiencies. As part of Jamie Stern’s Express Collection, the 38 standard colorways of Lickety Split are always in stock and ready to ship within 72 hours.

Spec Sheet
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Jamie Stern Baker Street Sofa upholstered Lickety Split Natural Spring.