Sensual Suede

Sensual Suede is Jamie Stern’s timeless upholstery suede. These European splits boast all of the iconic features that make suede so beautiful: An elegantly soft hand, a luxurious nap and a classic range of in-stock colors that will enhance any project or space.

Suede comes from an inner layer of the hide, below the top grain layer most common for upholstery purposes. In order to ensure proper tensile strength and durability, only the central or middle portion of this inner layer is used, resulting in splits that average between 16 and 22 square feet.

Due to its supple feel, suede is often used to make jackets, shoes, bags and more. While these fashion applications are quite common, suede can also be used for upholstery purposes in low- traffic areas or as a subtle accent on the backs and sides of furniture.

The nine colors of Sensual Suede are all in-stock with many more available upon request.

Spec Sheet
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