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See how easy it is

to create a custom leather with Jamie Stern

Create a custom leather with Jamie Stern in 3 easy steps

1. Send us a color inspiration

Send us a sample of whatever inspires you. This can be a Pantone paint chip, a fabric swatch or even a leaf from your backyard.

2. Select your leather quality

Jamie Stern offers a wide range of standard textures and patterns from the naturalistic to the geometric and everything in between. Two-tone colorations, embossed patterns and metallic finishes further expand the design potential.

3. Approve your sample

In five business days, Jamie Stern will turn your vision into a beautiful leather strike-off in our finishing plant in upstate New York. Once approved, your custom leather will be ready to order with just a one-hide minimum.

Read our blog “Design a Custom Leather with Jamie Stern” for more in depth information.

Let's get started

I looked everywhere for a very specific color leather I was trying to match with absolutely no luck. When I finally found Jamie Stern and learned that they could create my exact color match for a one hide minimum I couldn't believe it. They delivered as promised and my client is thrilled!

Eve CrawfordInterior Designer
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