755 Colors and Counting!

  • 755 standard and in-stock leathersĀ for furniture upholstery and interior design purposes
  • United States-based finishing plant
  • Express Leather ships within 72 hours (305 colors)
  • 12 colors of full grain and top grain crust in stock
  • Custom colors and finishes for a one-hide minimum
  • Flexible with lead time and budget constraint
JS Leather Quick Guide

The Jamie Stern leather quick guide was designed to help you effectively determine which JS leather quality is right for your project. Complete with definitions, characteristics and applications facts.

  • Textures & Solids Leather
    Textures & Solids
  • Embossed Leather
  • Express Leathers
    Express Collection
  • Foils
  • Red and green hair on hide leather
  • Hair-on-Hide Rugs
  • Distressed Leather from Jamie Stern Leather
  • Jamie Stern designer leather ba
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