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The Jamie Stern Hand-Loomed rugs section includes The Artisan and Kalahari Collections. These collections were developed utilizing a 1000 year tradition of hand weaving rugs. Hand woven rugs are woven on traditional looms, this technique utilizes wool, hemp, bamboo, jute and linen to create textures and simple clean patterns.


What Is a Hand-Loomed Rug?

A contemporary hand-loomed rug originates from an ancient method of weaving. Traditionally, all rugs woven on a hand loom were considered flat weaves. They looked the same on both sides and had no pile (the fuzzy, top side of most rugs).

The new twist is inserting rods across the width of a loom while weaving. This serves to pull part of the fiber into a loop above the rest of the rug, giving it pile. The rod can then be pulled out or sliced out of the loops as weaving continues.


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Artisan made hand-loomed area rugs by Jamie Stern