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The Naturals Collection is born out of Jamie Stern Carpet’s commitment to natural fiber rugs and dedicated partnerships with artisan weavers throughout Asia. In a landscape where most carpets are produced with petro-chemicals, Jamie Stern continues to champion 100% natural, biodegradable fibers. The benefits of this commitment can be seen in our rugs’ durability, flexibility and sustainability.

Jamie Stern believes that the quality of our carpets and rugs begins with the time-honored manufacturing traditions of Nepal, India and China. These techniques date back thousands of years and have consistently produced natural products of the highest quality. The Naturals Collection consists of twenty textures produced with hand-tufted, hand-knotted and hand-loomed options, utilizing pure New Zealand wool, bamboo silk, hemp, linen and nettle. By partnering these natural fibers with handmade production techniques, Jamie Stern gives every rug a unique, organic character of its own while promoting environmental sustainability.

  • 100% natural, sustainable fibers
  • Hand-tufted, hand-knotted and hand-loomed
  • Supporting the time-honored traditions of artisan weavers
  • Available in 600 standard Jamie Stern colors
  • Suitable for hospitality, corporate and residential

Please contact your local Jamie Stern rep for more information or to see this collection in person.

CLICK HERE to see 600 standard colors in the Jamie Stern POM box!

The Naturals Collection Box of natural fiber rugs