Leaps & Bounds Embossed Gator

Leaps & Bounds Gator combines a classic gator embossing pattern with a contemporary golden metallic finish.

Leaps & Bounds Embossed is a luxurious upholstery leather which perfectly balances aesthetic splendor with broad applicability. These corrected top grain hides each receive a deep embossing print, ranging from classic geometric patterns to animal prints. They are then finished with specialized water-based resins and pigments to create a brilliant metallic finish that brings out the richness of the 16 standard colors while still allowing for a soft, waxy hand. In addition to its eye-catching sheen, each hide receives a protective semi-aniline finish that protects the leather against scratching and helps maintain the vibrancy of its coloration.

As part of Jamie Stern’s Express Collection, the 16 standard colors of Leaps & Bounds are always in stock and ready to ship within 72 hours. Each of these colors is also available in four distinct embossed patterns: GatorDotBraid and Reptile for a total of 80 potential combinations of this one-of-a-kind leather.

Spec Sheet