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Introducing the

Moshari Studio

Rug Collection

Mitra Moshari

The Moshari Studio’s namesake rug collection is made exclusively with natural fibers including wool, silk, bamboo and linen. These timeless organic materials are used in all seven designs which draw inspiration from textures and colors found in forests and on beaches. Additional influences include Persian calligraphy, Deconstructivism and Expressionist art, to round out a collection that astutely bridges the gap between natural and manmade beauty.

Mitra Moshari is the founder and principal of the New York City-based interior design firm, The Moshari Studio. Growing up on three continents, the Swiss-born Persian designer developed a love for vibrant, diverse approaches to art, architecture and design. Moshari possesses a wealth of knowledge and experience as a high-end hospitality, commercial and residential interior designer.