Shagreen is one of Jamie Stern’s most popular and eye-catching embossed leathers. Taking its inspiration from natural stingray hides, this leather’s iconic texture is accentuated by a hand-wiped finish. The end result of this sophisticated finishing process is a beautifully complex leather with a deep, tactile pattern and a rich, two-tone coloration.

Shagreen can be produced on either full or top grain crust depending on the project’s needs and budget. Its 16 unforgettable colorways include all-time classics like Aquamarine, Blue Danube and Caviar, which are available as full hides or sides (half hides). With custom colors available for a one-hide minimum, there is no design scheme or color palette that Shagreen’s undeniably gorgeous texture cannot complement.

Product Spec: Can be done on top grain or full grain; vegetable tanned or chromium tanned full or half hides

Hide Size: half hides from 25 – 27; full hides from 45 – 55

See Shagreen Aquamarine used in the Palms Casino Kingpin Suite, Las Vegas NV.