Formula One

Formula One represents upholstery leather at its most sophisticated and beautiful. Produced on large full grain European hides, this leather is simply pure aniline-dyed and finished with natural waxes and oils. This minimalist finishing process emphasizes the organic beauty of the leather and creates a luxurious pull-up effect. It also allows the leather to breathe, age and develop a distinguished patina with time and use. To achieve this look and performance, only the finest hides available are selected to produce this quality on. The end result is a timeless leather that is meant to wear in, not wear out.

As with all pure aniline products, imperfections such as fat wrinkles are also to be expected and even desired as they speak to the true essence of this untreated leather. Each hide of Formula One averages between 50 and 55 square feet to enable larger cut sizes and improved yields.

As part of the Express Collection, the six standard colors of Formula One are always in stock and ready to ship within 72 hours.

Spec Sheet
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