jamie stern designers

  • Philippe David

    In his latest collaboration with jamie stern, artist, painter, and textile designer Philippe David expresses his strong interest in nature, fibers, textures, evocation of plants, and minerals. Traveling was also instrumental in elaborating this line: Brazil, Guyana, India for the colors and spirituality. Above all, this collection shows his great passion for drawing and painting.

  • Brian Graham

    Graham received a BFA in Interior Architectural Design at California State University, Long Beach, where he also served as an Adjunct Professor. In 1999, he established the Graham Design studio in San Francisco, to offer a strategic approach to the design, development and marketing of furniture, lighting and related products for the contract market.

    Today, Graham is widely respected for his work with industry leaders, including Knoll, Halcon and Decca.

  • Mikel Patrik

    The opportunity to partner with jamie stern and to create an exclusive line of Mikel Patrik rugs provided an opportunity that reinforces my vision and body of work, studying the complexities and exploration of color, form and scale, which transcends well into ‘floor art’,” said Mikel Patrik Thieme, owner and artist of Mikel Patrik.

  • Tom Stringer

    For the past eighteen years, Tom Stringer has quietly created dream havens for some of America’s most prestigious families. Through his multi-disciplinary design firm based in Chicago, Stringer designs classic interiors with a thoroughly modern sensibility. While his work ranges from the design of private estates to restaurants and yachts, it is always accented with custom furnishings designed exclusively for his clients.

  • Vicente Wolf

    Wolf has recently combined efforts with texstyle/jamie stern once again to create a new line of upholstered furniture, Vicente Wolf for texstyle/jamie stern. This line, guided by Wolf’s principles of integrity and simplicity is due out in Spring, 2004 and will be featured in Wolf’s New York showroom, VW Home.